mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

DCSS: Versione v0.20 in uscita il 24 Maggio!

Stone Soup ha annunciato ufficialmente che la versione v0.20 di Dungeon Crawl sarà rilasciata il 24 Maggio prossimo e, come da tradizione, tra il 26 Maggio e l' 11 Giugno si terra' il Torneo celebrativo dell'evento. Il regolamento ufficiale sarà pubblicato tra qualche giorno.

Gli sviluppatori hanno anche approfittato dell'annuncio per dare un ultimo change-log del lavoro fatto su i Trunk Builds prima del feature-freeze:

  • Gnolls, the new species that senses items and have a short attention span, have been disabled for the next release. This commit talks about some of the issues with the current species, and this commit is a preview of Gnolls 2.0, which may get merged soon. Although Gnolls won’t be in the 0.20 release, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play these puppers in trunk.
  • Wu Jian has also been disabled for the 0.20 release. We’re examining a few different options for Wu, which may involve reworking an ability or two or even merging some of the god’s abilities into Uskayaw (!). This work won’t take place until after the tournament finishes, but until then, you can continue to worship Wu in your trunk games.
  • New cloud ego for scarves that grants immunity to all clouds, replacing the ultra boring rC+ scarf ego. Cast conjure flame and stand in the flames! Stand in miasma clouds, breathing in deeply! Laugh in Xom’s face when he dumps chaos clouds all over you!
  • Coming soon: more transporter loot vaults, featuring steamed eels, bookish nerds, Jiyva/Lucy/Beogh altar ambushes, and more.

Nell'attesa di poter mettere le mani sulla nuova versione, chiudo con i classici links per scaricare i trunk builds e la versione stabile del gioco.

Happy Crawling!

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