martedì 6 febbraio 2018

DCSS v0.21.1 Bugfix Release

Rilasciata qualche giorno fa' una nuova versione ufficiale correttiva per Dungeon Crawl di Stone Soup, che va a fissare i seguenti punti:

  • Dith shadow mimic of launcher attacks no longer copies the enchant and ego of the launcher.
  • Monsters lose constriction by Borgnjor’s Vile Clutch when they are moved by any means.
  • Formicids can now manually cancel Dig status, allowing them to use Wu Jian’s Wall Jump ability after digging.
  • Wu Jian’s Wall Jump ability now works under silence.
  • New splash screen art by froggy.
  • Numlock on Windows systems no longer causes unpredictable repeating movement.
  • Alt-F4 no longer causes freezing in Tiles on Windows systems.
  • Resizing the local Tiles window during prompts no longer causes crashes.
  • SDL 2 contrib updated to 2.0.7, which fixes compilation under Msys2.

Potete come al solito scaricarla dalla pagina di download del sito del gioco.

Happy Crawling!

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